Example: Basic Heart Anatomy - Module Overview

Neuron Firing Regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, MedTrainer is designed with the dynamic requirements of the sales force in mind. Each anatomy module contains approximately 15-20 minutes of rich, full 3D content. Pause, review and navigation functionality allow users to learn at their own pace. And all topics covered are logically broken down into subtopics to simplify navigation through the module. Including assessment, a low-intermediate or intermediate user can usually complete the module in around an hour.

The heart is one of the most complicated organs in the human body. As a result, the Basic Heart Anatomy Module is a large module with approx. 30 min. of full 3D animations; a novice user can usually complete the module (not included assessment) in about an hour.

Learning objectives:

Stethoscope Locate the heart within the body
Stethoscope Identify heart anatomy
Stethoscope Identify the valves and the chambers of the heart
Stethoscope Explain function of the major heart vessels; and have an understanding of blood flow through the heart and to the body.
Stethoscope Have an understanding of the cardiac cycle as it relates to cardiac conduction, blood pressure and circulation.

Topic Outline

Stethoscope Introduction Stethoscope Structural Overview Stethoscope Coronary Veins
Stethoscope Blood Flow Stethoscope Chambers Stethoscope Cardiac Cycle
Stethoscope Valves Stethoscope Location Stethoscope Coronary Circulation
Intro to Heart Module


Upon completion of a MedTrainer Learning module, you can take the associated test to assess your knowledge retention. Each Assessment provides a rich, interactive, and even interesting experience through the use of graphics and programming. Questions are randomly selected from a larger bank of questions to further ensure accuracy of the assessment data.
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