About MedTrainer

Created by Scientific Animations, MedTrainer is the product of years of client service experience in sales training, marketing and education. MedTrainer uses the latest in graphics and programming skill-sets, including 3D animation, illustration, medical writing and interactive, learning management system and web programming. Our dedicated programming and graphics team in India, enables us to provide high-quality, 3D content combined with the latest in interactive learning and assessment. After executing hundreds of projects for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, MedTrainer combines insight about key drivers of effective sales force training with cutting edge graphics and programming. MedTrainer

About the Scientific Animations group

Scientific Animations is a full service medical animation and integrated e-learning solutions company with a unique value proposition. Founded in 2004 by veteran Indian-American entrepreneurs Girish Khera and Ashish Khera, Scientific Animations is the first medical media company that leverages a fully vertically integrated low cost production studio in Gurgaon, India, with sales, marketing, business development and client service functions located in the United States. Through three businesses, Scientific Animations uses its competitive advantages to provide custom and ready-made graphics solutions to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Scientific Animations Group
Scientific Animations LLC

Scientific Animations LLC Scientific Animations LLC Scientific Animations LLC

With over 100 clients, Scientific Animations is a leading player in medical animation. Clients reap the significant value and quality benefits of working offshore without any of the inherent difficulties of time zones, accessibility and communication. A full-time staff of over 15 animators and graphics professionals makes Scientific Animations one of the largest medical animation and media studios in the world, translating into an ability to deliver simultaneous and complex projects in tight timelines. All of these unique characteristics mean innovative creativity and quality at unsurpassed value.
The World is 3D (W3D)
Besides custom medical animation, graphics and e-learning solutions, Scientific Animations also provides off-the-shelf solutions in all of these areas. Through The World is 3D or W3D, Scientific Animations provides ready-to-use animations and illustrations for use in medical training and marketing. With thousands of labeled and unlabelled, Royalty-Free, 3D anatomical images, W3D is a one stop shop for all
The World is 3D - Stock Image The World is 3D - Stock Image The World is 3D - Stock Image
medical professionals seeking quality graphics for presentations, training and marketing programs. And true to form, as with all of Scientific Animations endeavours, images are available Royalty free, in easy-to search anatomical categories and at a fraction of the cost of most other stock image sites.
MedTrainer is a ready-to-go training solution for corporate training and education departments. MedTrainer anatomy training modules provide quality 3D content, with built-in interactive testing to augment your anatomy training program. MedTrainer modules can be an integral part of any firm’s medical sales training program, offering measurable results through usage and assessment tracking reports. MedTrainer provides medical corporates a ready-to-go training solution at a fraction of the time, cost and hassle of in-house programs.
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In its six years of operations, Scientific Animations has executed graphics work for more than a hundred clients, including the following: