Cloud-based training solution for a sales force on the go

MedTrainer is an industry leading solution medical sales force training. Despite the numerous training options available, many companies resort to costly and cumbersome in-house solutions because they need to ensure quality of graphics or content. Created by Scientific Animations, MedTrainer brings together years of custom sales force training expertise with high quality 3D graphics, allowing you to focus your corporate resources on training implementation and compliance, rather than design.

MedTrainer is an existing cloud based solution, so your employees can begin learning human anatomy and physiology immediately, from any internet connection, at a fraction of the cost! Powered by Scientific Animations, MedTrainer ensures high quality 3D animation and graphics for a richer, more engaging learning experience. Use MedTrainer and your sales force will connect better with their customers.


“An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

- Jack Welch, former President and CEO of General Electric

Designing, developing and deploying a medical training solution can be a daunting task. And what you get in the end is not necessarily optimal. MedTrainer saves you time, effort, and money by providing beautiful high quality 3D animation-based content at a fraction of the cost of building similar custom medical training modules. Our online-hosted anatomy training modules provide immediate value as there is no infrastructure hassle to worry about and users can access the most up-to-date content anytime from anywhere.

Heart Valve's Orientation Basic Blood Circulation Anatomy Orientation Terminology
The 3rd Dimension in Training
3D animation technology is pervasive; it is mainstream in movies and television, and commonly used for explanation in shows as varied as CSI and National Geographic. While the entertainment industry has adopted 3D, MedTrainer is bringing the same life-like experience to learning about the human body. 3D animation not only enhances the experience, but also provides the additional dimension to learning, making it easier to grasp medical concepts that would otherwise take many pages of standard text and graphics to explain.

Translate training into learning

What good is training if you don’t remember what you have learned? MedTrainer employs interactive testing components to track learning and to ensure organizational compliance.. Additionally, performance reports can provide management insight by pinpointing weak points in existing training programs.

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